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Gestion des coûts
Réduction des coûts et dépenses

My Telco

My Telco

Solution focused on the telecommunications segment, suitable for companies that need to comply with government regulations and increase their profitability

My Telco was developed to meet the specific demands of telecommunications operators, helping them to adhere to regulatory requirements while boosting business profitability. To this end, the solution offers customizable technology and methodology, with models that can be implemented in a matter of weeks.

The tool divides costs into eight different modules, distributed between resources, activities and cost objects, allowing for precise allocation and guaranteeing visualization of the multiple sources of business costs. Revenues can be analyzed based on the value of packages, applying IFRS or user consumption, generating greater control over profitability. My Telco also has the exclusive My Network Models feature, which shows how the different services (voice, mobile data, fixed broadband, etc.) are delivered over the network.

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