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4 practices to increase data security in your company

Being safe is a necessity in the corporate world. The continuity of any business depends a lot on how your information is managed, whether or not they are secure. In this context, investing in data security tools is critical. Data security means any activity that is intended to protect both the information and the systems in which the data are stored.

With that in mind, we’ll explain a bit more about the importance of data security for your company!

Learn how data leakage can harm your company

In a competitive world such as business, data is tantamount to a gold mine. That is, if an accident occurs and confidential information leaks, the company may even miss opportunities to close a deal with an investor, for example. In addition, damages to the image may occur depending on the type of information, weakening the credibility with customers.

Speaking of consumers, imagine an advertising agency that has the mailing of their customers exposed. How much can it lose? After all, the information might be used by other agencies, and their campaign ideas might also be stolen.

Another issue is the possibility of financial deviations. After all, without proper security, it is not difficult for hackers to hack into the company’s systems and steal important information such as account numbers and passwords.

These are just a few of the examples of how the lack of data security can harm a company. Here are some steps to improve this. Continue below!

Here are some practices to protect information

1. Make periodic backups

Backups are a fundamental practice even for those who don’t have a company. Computers are unstable machines, however updated systems are, and breakdowns are not uncommon. In this sense, the best form of protection is to carry out periodic backups, so that the company does not run the risk of losing its data forever.

2. Provide technological training to your team

The knowledge of employees must be updated periodically in order to meet the demands of the company’s daily routine. In this sense, investing in technological training so that they deal better with the business’ tools is very important.

Pay particular attention to employees who handle e-mail, social media, and apps. It is essential that they understand the subject well, and that they are able to identify suspicious links, spam etc.

3. Establish internal access levels

Actually, not all employees in your company should have access to the data it produces. This is because it is a matter of degree of importance of the position and routine of the company’s employee. Therefore, try to define who may or may not have access to the information, especially those that are confidential, in order to improve the security of the enterprise.

4. Invest in secure servers and systems

For the best performance of your company processes, hiring secure servers and systems is essential. In this context, it is important to look for services that provide periodic updates, antivirus, crash alert, and other security-related features.

In this text, we saw how data security is important for the operation of the company, mainly by acting extensively in the business processes, helping to avoid system invasions and information leaks.

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