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Our solutions are customized versions developed in partnership with leading companies in their sectors

With a pre-built activity dictionary, blueprints and a set of specific reports and analyses that act as accelerators for the implementation project, MyABCM Solutions are, without a doubt, the best option for an efficient cost management. Find out a unique way to manage the costs of your business.

My Patient Centricity​
My Ports​
My Law​
My Manufacturing​
My Store Profitability​
My Utilities​
My Citizen Centricity​
My Education​
My IT Services Catalog
My Banking (Digital Banking)
My Professional Services​
My Telco

My Patient Centricity

Solution focused on the healthcare sector, in particular:  hospitals, clinics and health insurance providers.

My Patient Centricity aims to directly equalize and manage the cost-effectiveness of each patient. Our solution offers the practice of a methodology that provides an understanding of the business drivers, its processes and the best way to optimize them with the best possible efficiency based on the understanding of each component of all areas and process and its accurate allocation to procedures, patients, medical examinations and Units. Managing costs intelligently and impartially will drive the company to achieve the most satisfying results in a short amount of time.

Health care modeling
Profitability and cost management
Target-based planning

My Ports

Solution focused on the port sector, recommended for port operators, private terminals, port authorities, regulatory agencies and infrastructure ministries.

My Ports is a cost and profitability management solution aimed at the port sector, through the implementation of a model with framework already defined and deployed. It is customized according to each demand and properly aligned with the sector’s regulatory requirements.

My Ports offers greater practicality and agility in your data analyses and updates, and allows carrying out simulations and creating reports, economic-operational dashboards and views with indicators in an easy and fast way, providing relevant information to support the decision-making.

My Law

Solution focused on the legal sector, recommended mainly for law firms and consulting companies.

The My Law solution is able to map and track all company costs in an smart and optimized way, thus generating an efficient management that will reflect not only on the proper distribution of its costs, but especially on the improvement of its performance and increased added value to Society. It is a solution that allows integration with both the major ERP systems and smaller structures, providing automated and managerial processes for quick and correct decision-making.

The benefits for professional service offices or companies that have the ability to consistently generate these indicators are mainly linked to two aspects that, when put into practice, automatically generate partner or shareholder (EVA) value-added:

My Manufacturing

Solution focused on the industrial sector, recommended for any industry that wants to optimize its profitability, having cost management as one of the support tools.

A powerful cost and profitability solution for industries in general, it integrates an analytical platform specialized in costing with the expertise in cost-based performance system modeling. By combining economic and operational perspectives, My Manufacturing not only enhances product, channel and customer profitability analyses, but also enables the company to analyze the operational efficiency translated economically, as it integrates the cost information of the entire industry: variable, manufacturing and indirect costs. As it was structured based on the experience from several cases, it aggregates different characteristics of traditional and modern costing methods, adapting itself to the operational reality of companies and providing a global view in the simulations of results.

My Store Profitability

Solution focused on the consumer sector, recommended for retail groups such as department stores and supermarkets, as well as e-commerce.

My Store Profitability is a solution that allows using planning and forecasting models to determine the costs that affect the profitability of products, categories and retail formats in order to maintain an efficient consumer return.

My Utilities

Solution focused on the public service sector, such as energy, water, transport, postal service, telecoms, among others.

My Utilities has the purpose of using cost assessment and definition models to analyze the performance in various scenarios in order to justify the determination of tariffs in public utilities.

To ensure compliance with regulatory standards and approved business processes, utilities are subject to government supervision during the approval of tariffs, standardization of accounting formats, review of annual reports, analysis of mergers and acquisitions, evaluation of other related business activities and the resolution of customer complaints. The My Utilities solution is able to:

My Citizen Centricity​

Solution focused on the public service sector for governments and municipalities.

My Citizen Centricity is a solution that can use cost assessment and definition models to analyze the performance in various scenarios in order to better execute the services provided in states and cities.

The My Citizen Centricity solution makes a better-aligned execution and greater organizational agility possible, while also supporting improved, fact-based decision-making that drives the progress of strategic political goals. Other benefits include:

My Education​

Solution aimed for the education sector, including universities, educational groups and learning institution pursuing efficiency with an active management of costs and profitability to respond to its individual challenges and opportunities.

My Education is a solution aimed at solving cost management issues in Universities and Higher Education Institutions, being able to identify teaching cost components such as costs of materials and supplies, infrastructure, and indirect costs incurred in order to obtain a reference price for the Higher Education industry. It allows the Institution to have the possibility of segregating the P&L by course, segment and other perspectives, helping with the data that must be presented to regulatory bodies.

My IT Services Catalog

Solution focused on the technology sector, recommended for IT managers.

My IT Services Catalog aims to standardize and facilitate the allocation of IT costs and investments, creating views of analyses for both IT managers and financial managers, as well as of the impact on business areas, making it possible to measure the IT performance in the generation of value of the products and services of organizations. Costs and investments have been increasing each year in all business sectors, so having a clear view of these impacts on the production chain becomes essential for organizations.

My IT Services Catalog is a standardized costing model that makes it possible to allocate IT costs in an analytical and clear way, as well as to track their impacts on the production chain of organizations, monitoring and measuring the performance of IT teams. It enables the creation of pre-defined standards for the allocation of costs and investments related to technology.

My Banking (Digital Banking)

Solution focused on banking services and institutions linked to the financial sector.

My Banking is a solution focused on the financial sector, with an emphasis on the banking sector, which provides the mapping and management of all cost processes across different scenarios. It is able to identify the trail of costs and segregate them at all the points needed for analytical study and, consequently, the coherent allocation of all costs involved in the different core business stages. It allows tracking the costs in all the weights that may exist, determining their allocation by sector, product segment, bank branches, customers and focus areas, generating efficiency in the product and service pricing processes.

My Professional Services​

Solution focused on audit, consulting, and integrating companies.

My Professional Services is a customized solution for consulting and audit companies, as well as for professional service companies in general. It enables the accurate mapping of operating costs as a whole, understanding how business and support processes contribute to the profitability by services, projects, customers, offices and businesses in general. It also allows drawing scenarios and understanding the impact of idleness on the operation, as well as the cooperation of each Head/Partner, Leader, Manager and the entire hierarchy up to the bottom line.

With My Professional Services, it is possible to centralize information from accounting sources, consultants’ notes, CRM and other peripheral systems in an intelligent modeling that will generate powerful insights and reports for decision-making and more efficient business management.

My Telco

Solution focused on the telecommunications segment, suitable for companies that need to comply with government regulations and increase their profitability

My Telco was developed to meet the specific demands of telecommunications operators, helping them to adhere to regulatory requirements while boosting business profitability. To this end, the solution offers customizable technology and methodology, with models that can be implemented in a matter of weeks.

The tool divides costs into eight different modules, distributed between resources, activities and cost objects, allowing for precise allocation and guaranteeing visualization of the multiple sources of business costs. Revenues can be analyzed based on the value of packages, applying IFRS or user consumption, generating greater control over profitability. My Telco also has the exclusive My Network Models feature, which shows how the different services (voice, mobile data, fixed broadband, etc.) are delivered over the network.