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Free E-books

E-book 1 - The 7 biggest challenges to efficient cost reduction

How to reduce costs without losing quality.

E-book 2 - Understanding the importance of cost management to a company

Basic guide on Cost and Profitability Management.

E-book 3 - A practical guide: understand how to reduce your company’s costs

Use Strategic Management to Reduce Costs.

E-book 4 - A definitive guide to increasing your company’s profit margin and return on investment

Guide to increase your company’s profitability.

E-book 5 - Performance indicators: learn to measure your company’s success

Understanding KPI’s and how to use them to measure results and increase performance.

E-book 6 - A definitive guide to optimizing your company’s performance management

Learn why performance management is important.

E-book 7 - The excel spreadsheet exterminator’s guide

Step by step to get out of the Excel routine.

E-book 8 - The definitive guide to generating cash flow for your company

How to have cash flow in the palm of your hand!

E-book 9 - A guide to how technology works in favor of your company’s logistics

How to use technology in favor of logistics.

E-book 10 - Replacing Excel with software that will improve your results

How to replace Excel with software.

E-book 11 - Do you know how to analyze the rate of return of your customers?

Perform and analyze profitability calculations per customer.

E-book 12 - Everything you need to know about budgetary bubbles

What are the consequences of the budget bubble for the company.

E-book 13 - Cost and Profitability Management: why abandon Excel spreadsheets?

Benefits of Software instead of Excel.

E-book 14 - A Current guide to the challenges of cost and profitability management

Tips to optimize cost management and profitability.

E-book 15 - Cost Management and Profitability: a complete guide for your company!

What is cost management and how does it affect profitability?

E-book 16 - Guide for Cost to Serve: a methodology for calculating profitability

What are the methodologies used in cost serving?

E-book 17 - Complete guide on Business Intelligence (BI)

How to apply BI in your company.

E-book 18 - What are cost centers, what is their importance, and how to define them?

How to structure the cost centers in your company.

E-book 19 - Learn how information technology is revolutionizing hospital management

Basic tools to maintain the hospital network.
Importance of Big Data in financial institutions and more…