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Our methodology is totally focused on optimizing your company’s expenses.

Cost and Profitability Management Software EASY, FLEXIBLE AND THE FAST IMPLEMENTATION

MyABCM offers customized solutions for cost management, profitability and expense optimization. Our methodology is entirely focused on the best allocation of expenses and on maximizing your company’s profitability.

With the goal of streamlining the efforts of its clients, MyABCM developed, based on its extensive experience in the cost management software market, the MyABCM solution – a lightweight, easy-to-use tool that will help reduce, control and measure the costs of your company, in addition to optimizing your profitability.

Our platforms were created to meet the specific needs of each client. For example: if you need a small-scale, departmental or business-specific implementation, the best solution for you is MyABCM Express. For medium- and large-scale deployments with characteristics such as a large volume of data, high complexity, multi-language, multi-geographical modeling and 100% web-based architecture, then the right solution is MyABCM Corporate.

We also have specific programs for Partners and Universities. Be sure to learn about our partnership plans.

We always prioritize service, attention, ethics, loyalty, knowledge, transparency and innovation. The MyABCM team offers specific training for each software and the fastest implementation in the market. Talk to us and find out how leading organizations address Cost and Profitability issues.

The Trajectory of MyABCM


Start of operations as exclusive distributor of ABC Technologies (Oros and EasyABC Plus solutions) in Brazil.


Expansion of the territory throughout Latin America.


Sale of ABC Technologies in the United States and the start of development of the MyABCM solution.


Release of MyABCM.


MyABCM Mexico, which covers Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, starts operations.


MyABCM Chile and MyABCM Baltics start activities.


Project in the Official Press of the State of São Paulo, winner of the Mario Covas award as best project of the year in public administration and a successful case published in PwC book. MyABCM Argentina and MyABCM Uruguay start operations.


MyABCM France starts operations.


Start of activities in Peru. Release of MyABCM Corporate.


MyABCM DACH starts operations.


Opening of the MyABCM Nordic office. Partnership with the Foundation Institute of Accounting, Actuary and Financial Research (FIPECAFI) for a postgraduate course in Cost and Business Management.


MyABCM China starts operations. MyABCM USA and MyABCM Colombia start activities. We reached the incredible milestone of 1,000 MyABCM software activations in a single year.


MyABCM Africa starts operations.
Our company is an SAP silver partner.
Our company is an Oracle partner.


MyABCM is a global organization that offers complete solutions for controlling costs and optimizing returns. Our main mission is to help companies get a detailed understanding of their costs to enable them to make informed assertive decisions based on precise and reliable information.

Accompanied by other highly respected leaders in the market, we have the all the ingredients necessary to accomplish this mission. Here are some of the leaders who make this company work:

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