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Alternative to SAS ABM: Discover MyABCM

In the dynamic world of cost and profitability management, selecting the right tool can be critical to business success. In this context, with a variety of systems available in the market, organizations often find it challenging to choose the appropriate tools to support the process of monitoring costs and corporate financial performance. In this article, you will discover why MyABCM stands out as a better alternative to one of these tools: SAS ABM, with advantages ranging from support to operational capacity and flexibility.

MyABCM: Global Presence

Many companies that used SAS would turn to SAS ABM to manage their costs but soon encountered its limitations, given that the solution’s focus is statistical, concentrating on identifying patterns in the analyzed data. In other words, the tool collects information and delivers results such as statistics and analyses, assuming a role very similar to that of a BI.

MyABCM, on the other hand, used in over 50 countries, was specifically developed for the calculation of business costs and profitability, with differentiated support, ensuring that users have assistance when needed. This feature is crucial to avoid difficulties in obtaining help, providing peace of mind to users.

Integration with Other Systems

MyABCM was designed to operate in conjunction with other software used by organizations, enhancing the use of the company’s data. Thus, it integrates fully with all BIs and ERPs on the market, including SAS, ensuring greater efficiency in organizational routines.

Rapid and Efficient Deployment of MyABCM

The speed of implementation is an essential factor in choosing a cost management solution. While SAS ABM has a longer, outsourced implementation, MyABCM is deployed by specialists from the internal team and stands out for its quick setup.

This agility allows companies to quickly start their cost management projects, optimizing transition time and minimizing potential impacts on daily operations.

Processing Capacity and Efficiency of MyABCM

Data processing capacity is another area where MyABCM excels compared to SAS ABM. MyABCM has a powerful calculation engine with optimized processing capacity and speed. Its specialized distribution mechanism, including reciprocal allocations with in-memory calculation, ensures reduced calculation times. This not only saves the organization’s resources but also speeds up the construction of OLAP cubes and modeling analyses, providing more efficient cost management.

Usability and Flexibility: MyABCM at the Forefront

Usability is a fundamental aspect in choosing a cost management tool. While SAS ABM features a less intuitive layout and visualizations, resulting in greater dependency on support and less efficiency in using the solution, MyABCM stands out for its ease of use and intuitive interface.

Moreover, MyABCM ensures greater flexibility, allowing quick and simple revisions and adjustments in cost modeling. The system also accommodates organizational changes without the need to alter the model, preventing the loss of historical information. This autonomy and ease of adjustment make MyABCM a strategic choice for organizations seeking a flexible and adaptable solution, with low dependency on support.

MyABCM, the Smart Choice

In summary, MyABCM emerges as the best alternative to SAS ABM, offering not only reliable support but also rapid implementation, efficient processing capacity, and superior usability. By choosing MyABCM, companies ensure not only a cost and profitability management that meets their needs, with comprehensive and versatile features but also secure a solid foundation for growth.

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