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Beyond Oracle EPM: a better, faster solution for cost and profitability management

Oracle EPM is a popular system for financial consolidation and closing activities. However, its capabilities for calculating an organization’s costs and profitability are not as powerful, creating challenges for users who try to use it for this purpose.

In this article, we will explore why MyABCM is the more advantageous alternative for calculating business costs and how it can be used in conjunction with Oracle. Currently, about 40% of our clients use Oracle seamlessly integrated with MyABCM and enjoy all the benefits of having a quick, reliable, and easy-to-implement cost management solution.

Oracle EPM: An Overview

Oracle EPM is a suite of enterprise performance management applications that offers various functionalities, including planning, consolidation, and financial closing. While it is a robust solution, there are some limitations to consider regarding strategic cost and profitability management.

MyABCM: A Better and Faster Alternative

Specialization in Cost Management

While Oracle EPM is a comprehensive solution, MyABCM stands out for its specialization in cost management. Designed to effectively manage overhead, MyABCM minimizes allocations and uses more sophisticated allocation rules that make more sense for organizations, allowing for the correct identification of different costs. In this scope, it enables managerial costing of dimensions beyond just Products or Services, including Channels, Customers, Segments, and Businesses.

For these reasons, many organizations that have the Oracle ERP eventually migrate to MyABCM, which addresses these issues more efficiently, more agilely, and with a much faster implementation.

Rapid Implementation

One of the main advantages of MyABCM is its speed of implementation. While Oracle EPM may require an extended implementation and customization period, MyABCM is known for its agility, with implementations that can be completed in just a few weeks, depending on the organization’s needs. This means your company can start reaping the benefits sooner.

Cost-effective Solution

Cost is an important consideration for many companies. And for most cases, MyABCM is a more viable alternative compared to Oracle EPM. With tailored solutions for businesses and projects of different sizes, the system offers greater economy and a high cost-benefit ratio, enabling cost calculation without burdening the organization.

Efficiency and Flexibility

MyABCM is praised for its efficiency and flexibility. It is designed to meet the needs of cost management and offers a wide range of features that can be customized to meet your company’s specific demands, and it is more user-friendly, reducing the reliance on support for modeling and report generation.

Seamless Integration with Oracle Solutions

A concern when implementing a solution is integration with other existing systems. MyABCM integrates seamlessly with Oracle solutions, making migration and coexistence between the two systems smoother. Moreover, it is designed to integrate with BI tools and various software used in the organization, such as SAP and TOTVS, among others.

Quick Availability of Information

MyABCM can quickly provide information after accounting closure and facilitates easy cost management. This allows financial and management teams to access critical data in a timely manner and make decisions much faster.

Multidimensional P&L with Complete Traceability

MyABCM offers a Multidimensional Profit and Loss Statement (P&L) with complete traceability, enabling detailed analyses at the product, customer, and channel levels. This enhanced functionality is vital for making strategic decisions based on accurate information.

Support for Large Data Volumes

As businesses grow, so does the volume of data. MyABCM is capable of handling large volumes of data, ensuring that your organization’s expansion is not limited by the capacity of your financial consolidation solution.

Oracle EPM vs. MyABCM: The Strategic Choice for a More Agile Financial Future

Although Oracle EPM is a solid option for financial consolidation and closing, MyABCM excels in several critical areas, including faster implementation, potentially lower cost, specialization in cost management, seamless integration with other solutions, and quick availability of information.

In 2024, we complete 30 years dedicated exclusively to cost and profitability management, offering a system designed to deepen the understanding of costs in your organization, with detailed data for informed decision-making. If your company values a more agile, economical, and specialized alternative, MyABCM is the solution you are looking for. Fill out the form below and request a demonstration!

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