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Data competency: Understand what it is!

A term that is currently on the rise is Big Data, which is a set of data that can be extremely useful for companies. In view of this, data competency is more and more necessary for professionals.

Many organizations face the challenge of finding employees specialized in this area to collect, store, analyze and manage large amounts of information. From that, it is possible to use the data for the company’s benefit. For example, for the creation of strategies, time optimization, cost reduction, and increased productivity.

Keep reading and find out how to develop these data skills!

What is data competency?

This concept is a characteristic that involves knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (AI), algorithms, programming systems, Machine Learning, query languages and technologies, among others.

Furthermore, data competency is directly related to areas such as Big Data and Business Intelligence, in which professionals are called data scientists. These individuals are responsible for analyzing and collecting useful information that will be relevant to the decision-making of managers.

How to develop data competency?

Basically, the routine of a data scientist is to find solutions for different sectors of the business by processing the collected information. Thus, their objective is to contribute to the company’s goals and to deal with numbers, statistics and programming languages.

First, it is important that the professional who wants to develop data competency has excellent communication skills. With that, they are able to efficiently and clearly present the results of their analyses to their team.

Other relevant requirements to develop this skill are to acquire knowledge in mathematics, programming and AI. This is because these areas are directly related to data analysis and statistics. Moreover, it is essential to understand the different Big Data platforms and how they work.

In order to develop this characteristic, the professional can do courses, workshops and trainings, in addition to understanding the logic of data programming and manipulation.

Why is data competency important to the professional of the future?

Data competency is essential for the professional of the future, especially due to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the evolution of technology. This transformation has caused organizations to collect and store a large amount of data, which generated the need to analyze and process information in order to create strategies for the company.

In view of this, the tendency is that, in the future, professionals with this skill will be increasingly required in the market, mainly to work in areas such as Big Data, cloud computing and Machine Learning.

Moreover, companies that wish to acquire data competency can rely on management software that assist in obtaining and processing information. This resource, in addition to highlighting the competitive advantage for customers, can improve decision-making and streamline processes.

Data competency has arrived to transform the landscape of technology companies and industries. Therefore, it is worth investing in this area to stand out and improve the results of your organization.

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