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Get to know the types of financial software and choose the best one for you

Financial software is critical to the smooth running of a large company. The lack of confidence in the numbers given by the tool indicates that something is not going well in the company. Choosing a system that does not deliver what it promises is frustrating, but there are several types of financial software with different features. 

Decision-making has no room for doubt or uncertainty in today’s competitive market. Thus, in this post, we will list the types of financial planning and management software, so you can see which one can provide greater productivity and agility to your business. Keep reading! 

Accounting and Finance Management 

You can count on this solution to follow up on accounting issues. With specific reports, you will have more control over your cash flows. The accounting and financial management software increases the speed and efficiency of your accounting department by automating your processes. 

Another important feature of an accounting system is to ensure your commitments to the Revenue Service, keeping your taxes up to date. 

Supply Chain Management 

Another type of financial system that can increase your competitiveness in the market is the supply chain management software. With this tool, your stock control will be automated, creating an economy with the reduction of human failures. 

Customer Relationship Management – CRM 

This software aims to manage the experience of the customer with your company, as well as his level of satisfaction and loyalty, according to his contacts with marketing, sales and customer service departments. 

It is important to know how your customer feels about your brand in order to turn him into an enthusiastic promoter of your company. 

Point of Sale Management 

An option for use in points of sale, this type of software is responsible for performing a specific and efficient control of a place of business. If your company works with direct sales to customers in various locations, you can control them with a system like this one. 

Integrated Management – ERP 

And finally, we have the type of software that brings together several features found in those mentioned above. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a management system responsible for planning the company’s resources as a whole. 

Here, the main idea is to integrate, according to your needs, all your data and processes into just one tool that can meet all the demands of your business. 

Once you check out the existing solutions, you can think about how each of these types of financial software can aid your company’s routine with the purpose of increasing productivity and efficiency. However, depending on your demands, basic software like the ones mentioned may not be enough, and a more sophisticated solution is needed. Therefore, MyABCM is here to advice on this process. 

We still have one more important note for you: download our e-book and know the 7 greatest challenges of efficient cost reduction! 


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