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How to use Big Data and Analytics for decision-making?

In order to maintain market relevance and increase competitive advantage, companies need to have access to reliable and accurate information. In this context, Big Data and Analytics emerge as extremely useful tools.

With this technology, company managers are able to not only access a precious source of information, but also organize it in a way that they can actually understand it, and thus make decisions based on them.

As the decision process is carried out based on solid data, factors such as market trends, production quality, and customer service are analyzed more accurately. This creates room to improve the services of these areas, and therefore, increase the profitability of the business.

Keep reading and understand how using the Big Data and Analytics technology can improve the decision-making in your company!

Data logging and analysis

In general, the term Big Data refers to an enormous amount of data that is generated every day by various activities. Among them, we can mention the use of social media, consumption habits and work actions.

By analyzing the enormous amount of information recorded during the performance of one of these activities, it is possible to reach interesting conclusions. For example, by assessing the consumption habits of its potential customers, it is easier for a company to develop products that align with them, increasing the chances of success.

It is important to consider that, as the name implies, the Big Data represents an absurd amount of information and cannot be easily measured. Thus, Analytics emerge as a set of methods and technologies that act by coordinating and grouping the data, so that it is intuitively observed and used for decision-making.

Optimized production

The implementation of Big Data and Analytics, as well as its integration with ERP and CRM systems, makes it possible for managers to observe, in real time, the most diverse sectors and production stages of their company, facilitating the decision-making.

Through technology, the analysis of the data generated in production, storage and service processes can be deepened, so that previously unidentified bottlenecks tend to become more evident. By identifying and eliminating them, the profitability of the company increases.

It is important to emphasize that the use of technology also allows a company’s distinguishing features and areas in which it has the best results to be shown more clearly.

Personalized customer service

When it comes to customer service, the benefits of Big Data and Analytics go beyond providing good support. By the interaction between consumers and company, the technology allows their wishes to be assessed and used to provide more personalized services.

It is also possible to use the verified data to observe the emergence of demands in the market and, thus, develop new products to supply them. This makes your customers see it as a cutting-edge enterprise.

The combination of Big Data and Analytics creates a powerful tool with the potential to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a company and, at the same time, thoroughly analyze the market and identify consumer desires.

Based on this type of data, the manager of a company is able to prepare more advanced action strategies, so as to offer greater chances of success. Taking these benefits into account, it is easy to understand why this technology currently receives so much attention.

Big Data and Analytics have the potential to totally change the way companies do business. Now that you understand how it can help in the decision-making of your company, how about signing our newsletter and keep receiving information on relevant innovations?

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