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Learn how to use data visualization for decision-making

Corporations need to deal with a lot of information about the entire operational structure. Technologies such as Big Data and cloud computing come into play to bring solutions to managers. Given the volume of information, managers need clarity, don’t they? With this need, new data visualization tools emerge.

These tools work with visual elements to communicate patterns and trends. All of this with simplified and fast programs.

This article aims to explain how to use data visualization to define strategies in the company. So, if you plan to optimize costs and have more confidence before making decisions, keep reading!

Benefits of data visualization and how to make the most of it

There is a visual culture in the daily routine of society, since the brain easily recognizes patterns and distinguishes colors. Given that, having reports explained in a visual way is much more intuitive, and data visualization provides that attention to the message. Check out the benefits of using them.

Wider context

Tools such as Excel and ERPs are still widely used in companies; however, new technological trends have attracted attention from users. Because of their broad function, it is possible to have more information quickly and handle multiple users instantly.

Identifies the correlations

It is very important for a company to work with data visualization. This range of information can be read in different graphical models, thus, identifying the correlation of factors that influence and affect the company becomes more practical.

Improves planning

Planning is an essential part of a business and always needs to be improved. Graphical analysis has a lot of influence in this process, as it offers easy readability, shows the necessary optimizations and creates forecast on sales. This improves the strategy and actions that a company must carry out.

How to use data visualization for decision-making

Data visualization has a great impact on the improvement of all decision-making. Usually, the biggest difference of using this tool is observed in the speed, low cost and assertiveness when making a resolution.

In the global market there are many companies offering this type of software. To start using this tool, give preference to reliable companies, as they will provide this data in a simplified and direct way. With this, the company sectors will be integrated, making it easy to predict and solve bottlenecks.

How to analyze the data visualization of the MyABCM software

Using software for data visualization analysis is quite intuitive due to friendly interfaces. There are numerous graphical models with different colors and designs, though they are not as widespread to the general public as the standard bar and pie charts. See below the specifics of use.

Simple graphics

These are models known by a broad public. They are effective, but they have limitations according to the number of information. Check out the examples:

  • Bar charts;
  • Tables;
  • Pie charts.

Complex graphics

These models are used by companies that aim to make the visualization of a range of information easier. The models can be:

  • Gantt chart;
  • Histogram;
  • Scatter plot;
  • Timeline.

It is important to understand that each case has its characteristics. The tools are easy to use and it is simple to check which model will work best for the company. This ease in testing and making adaptations according to planning makes the management work easier.

Defining strategies in the company by using data visualization will make it more effective. It is essential to have the integration of sectors and employees. The graphical data provides the comparison so that situations that may affect the manufacturing and financial operations can be solved. This ensures a proper strategy and visible results.

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