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Moroccan energy and sanitation company Radees chooses MyABCM

Providing sanitation and electricity to hundreds of thousands of people is no simple task. But it is the mission that Radees has taken on in Morocco, serving several communities with urban infrastructure solutions essential to the quality of human life.

Responsible for the distribution of drinking water and energy, Radees has just signed a contract to use the MyABCM solution in its cost and profitability management. Assisting in the software implementation process, the renowned consulting and auditing company BDO will be a strategic partner in the project.

Management aligned to the responsibility of serving people

With not only a corporate but a social commitment to provide quality drinking water and energy to over 300,000 people, the organization needed a tool to visualize the costs associated with managing miles of infrastructure equipment. Therefore, MyABCM is the chosen software to visualize the multiple sources of costs and the possible impacts of making decisions before subjecting hundreds of thousands of people to them.

The version of the software selected to serve the company offers features for flexible and intuitive multidimensional modeling with a relatively low implementation time. The system will allow allocations to be made through clear visual representations and with the application of business rules at various levels of complexity to allocate values from sources to destinations.

The organization will also benefit from advanced cost-tracking solutions that control resource consumption and pass-through to customers, as well as model summaries that allow potential distortions to be identified quickly and corrected before they damage business results.

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