Cost Management
Costs and Expenses Reduction

How can you reduce costs without affecting your company’s strategy?

In times of crisis, it’s natural for companies to seek to reduce costs to guarantee the solidity of their ventures. However, many businessmen don’t know how to identify the expenses that can be cut.

This article will offer you a few tips on how to reduce your company’s costs. Take a look!

Reducing costs: study your numbers

It’s natural for a company to pay attention to external numbers, such as market indicators or growth projections, for example. However, the greatest source of information for business decision making comes from your company itself.

That’s why it’s very important to have access to indicators — for a wide variety of departments and processes — which are organized and available.

In this way, you can safely make important decisions such as whether to discontinue a product.

Evaluate the quality of your processes

Your final product is the sum of various forms of effort called processes. Guaranteeing that they’re efficient can increase your company’s profit — without having to attract another client.

In turbulent times, poorly designed processes can suck precious resources from your company. Evaluate how much each of your processes costs and whether it’s aligned with your organization’s goals.

Calculating the return on investment (ROI) for a process can help measure its results.

Talk with your suppliers

One way of economizing without affecting your company’s strategy is renegotiating the value of your next purchases with your suppliers or searching for new partners.

In the same way that consumers favor promotions when it’s time to go shopping at the supermarket, companies need to opt for strategic partnerships during times of recession.

However, be careful not to put the quality of your final product at risk. Select companies that offer the same level of quality as your customers will expect.


Avoid waste

When we talk about waste in business, we’re not just talking about electricity and water which frequently draw our attention. Any resource that’s used inefficiently can be considered a loss.

Your company should ask itself: how can we produce in the same manner but spend less?

No expense should be underestimated. After all, it’s obvious how small savings can make a difference over a long period of time.

Train your employees

Before resorting to the easiest way of reducing costs (laying off workers), question yourself about the productivity of your team — or the lack thereof.

Low productivity and high indices or rework drag down your business’s activity, but they may be the result of errors in the training of your employees, for example. That’s why you should find out how to make your team more efficient, because using strategies with pauses for feedback can correct errors and increase your team’s productivity.

Remember that economic crises are cyclical and strategies to reduce costs taken during these times can benefit your company in the future, making it more competitive and guaranteeing it access to new markets.

None of these measures should be viewed in a negative fashion. They’re simply common reorganization necessities in the business world.

What’s important is that your company has access to internal data to make decisions in the correct manner. This is why you should invest in technologies that can improve your company’s management.

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