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Sevam, a supplier of glass packaging to large global industries, relies on MyABCM to control its costs and increase its profitability

With 90 years of history and six production lines in its two factories, Sevam is a world leader in glass manufacturing. To optimize cost management for its extensive portfolio, which caters to large industries in different countries, the Moroccan company chose MyABCM as the solution to replace the previous software, which was discontinued.

Extending an already long success story with the help of cost management

Throughout its 9 decades of consolidation in the market, Sevam has acquired customers from all over the world and today exports its products to 12 countries. Among the global organizations served by the products of the Moroccan industry are giants like Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and Pepsi.

To supply the glass packaging needs of these and other major brands, Sevam operates with a diversified portfolio and has one plant dedicated solely to producing this merchandise. This industrial plant alone produces 400 million items per year, including bottles, jars, and jugs, which are exported to different countries.

The second plant, on the other hand, operates exclusively in the production of domestic glassware, such as ornamented glasses, bowls, and lampshades. The production lines dedicated to these products manufacture produces 120 million items annually.

With a focus on excellent customer service and sustainable operations, managing the production of a diversified portfolio that is distributed worldwide is a challenge that requires sophisticated tools. For this reason, Sevam recognized MyABCM as a tool with the potential for profitability and continue growth.

Consolidated management of multiple cost centers in a single environment

Sevam needed not only a system that could provide optimal cost control functionality, but also an implementation process that would optimize the costing model and centralize its multiple sources of information.

MyABCM was chosen for its ability to provide detailed information for each business activity, while integrating with other company systems, offering consolidated reports and scenario simulation. With these features, among many others, the industry will be able to continue investing in new fronts of activity and safety solutions for its employees and sustainability for its region without compromising its results in the medium and long term.

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