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Managing 230,000 hectares of agricultural land across 6 different business operations in 3 countries is no easy feat. This is why Adecoagro turned to MyABCM for solutions to optimize management, control costs, and increase profitability.

Expanding a history of growth through cost management

With over two decades of experience, Adecoagro cultivates more than just raw materials for different markets; it also cultivates a long history of growth. The company, which was founded in 2002, started its operations with 70,000 hectares of agricultural and livestock production in Argentina.

In 2004, it expanded its plantation by incorporating new lands outside its country of origin, reaching Brazil and Uruguay. In 2005, the company increased its product line by implementing the production of sugar, ethanol, and energy. With its great evolution, in 2011 Adecoagro was listed on the NY Stock Exchange (NYSE). A major achievement that reaffirms the company’s enormous value.

Today, Adecoagro’s main operations include sugar, ethanol, energy, milk, rice, and grain production. It produced 2.7 million tons of agricultural products and more than 1 million MWh of bioelectricity. Throughout its history, Adecoagro’s planting area has increased by over 200% and its focus on growth and excellence in management has led to 2021 revenues surpassing US$1 billion.

Reducing the complexity of a multinational business

Adecoagro continues to surpass its expectations each year. To further drive its growth, the company’s management team has decided to invest in technology to achieve complete transparency and traceability of costs, advanced business simulation capabilities, and most importantly, independence and autonomy!

It is in this scenario that MyABCM will operate. Adecoagro chose our solution to enhance its cost management processes, which were previously performed with difficulty using another tool and could no longer keep pace with the complexities of such a dynamic organization. With full integration with corporate systems, MyABCM will bring several key benefits to the company, including:

This will provide management with a clearer understanding of how costs are distributed throughout the company’s complex operations, from suppliers and distribution channels to other critical aspects of its business. The result will be much greater decision-making capacity and reduced risks, as well as increased profitability of its operations, paving the way for new investments.

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