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We present a customer from the logistics segment: Andreani Logística Brasil. The organization is part of Grupo Logístico Andreani, whose operations began in 1945 in Argentina. Currently, the business leads the segment of high value-added logistics services, serving the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, hospital equipment, medical and diagnostic technology, as well as animal health products, in addition to other markets.

Learn more about Andreani Logística here.

Needs of the organization

The company has been operating in Brazil since 2001, concentrating its activities in the south, southeast and central-west regions, where the four branches in the country are located. The business’s priority is to promote the development of a distribution infrastructure that meets the very specific needs of the healthcare sector. In this context, the services provided by Andreani include the integration of the areas of storage, distribution and reverse logistics for its clients.

As it serves multiple companies, in a sector with strict operational and safety requirements and in an extensive territory that is mainly covered by road network, the organization needed a cost and profitability management system that would allow it to efficiently analyze the results of each client separately.

Performing sector analysis

To achieve these goals, the MyABCM Express Solution, suitable for businesses that deal with complex operations, was implemented. Among the gains for Andreani, there will be the possibility of taking into account all the characteristics of each client, without the need for knowledge in code and programming. This advantage, associated with a highly flexible modeling and the application of manual controllers through a user-friendly and simple-to-use interface, will ensure that the company has a precise control of each cost source, as well as the ability to issue accurate reports.

In addition to implementing the system, our team will train Andreani Logística in the distance-learning format, as well as provide consulting services in the first stage of use of the platform.

If you are also looking for a cost and profitability management system that is fully adaptable to your company’s needs, learn about our solutions right now!