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Meet another one of our customers! Beverages Fruki is a national company that operates in the food industry, with 7 product lines and 5 brands in its portfolio.

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Client’s Challenges

The company’s varied mix includes juices, waters, beer, energy drinks and soft drinks. The story of this traditional company in Rio Grande do Sul began in 1924, with a production capacity of 200 bottles a day, and it represents a true family management success story.

Since its inception, the business has undergone a significant growth and currently produces, among its various fronts, an average of 420 million liters per year. As such, it faces challenges that are typical of the management of a large organization.

Diversifying the product line and managing multiple brands that serve audiences with different characteristics requires a highly detailed look at the cost management and the performance of each one of its revenue streams. In addition, the complexity of distribution operations increases at the same pace as the business grows. Currently, the industry has six distribution centers, which requires the adoption of an efficient system for the allocation of the various cost centers.

Solution applied for cost control and profitability

Given the level of demand involved in the management of activities of this size, and aiming to improve its cost control and increase its profitability, Fruki Bebidas decided to implement the MyABCM Corporate platform.

The system adds dynamism and versatility to cost and profitability analyses, being able to manage a high volume of data with flexible modeling that can be customized to the specific needs of the business.

In addition to implementing the software, platform users in the company will also undergo training to use the MyABCM Corporate resources with maximum productivity. The expected result is a more assertive cost management, capable of basing the decision-making process in the multiple management spheres of the organization and generating an increase in profitability in the medium and long term.

Do you want to do like Fruki and take your company’s cost and profitability management to another level?

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