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Active in the property, personal and life insurance market since 1971, Assurances du Crédit Mutuel (ACM) is one of the large European organizations that rely on MyABCM to manage their costs and profitability.

The challenges of Assurances du Crédit Mutuel

The organization is one of the most important insurers in France, and has a portfolio of services that is not limited to the French territory. The insurer also distributes part of its portfolio in Luxembourg and Belgium, and has financial participation in products that serve the Canadian and Tunisian markets. This large coverage brings together in ACM’s customer portfolio more than 12 million people insured by its different products.

To meet all this demand and manage its diversified portfolio, the organization employs more than 3,800 employees. With these numbers, in 2021 the company was responsible for more than 35 million insurance contracts on various fronts.

Managing all this information is undoubtedly a great challenge. For this, the corporation used the SAP PCM (Profitability and Cost Management), but with the removal of the tool’s support, the board chose to migrate to the MyABCM system.

This choice was guided by the need for a solution that not only offers complete features for cost management and business profitability, but also provides the necessary support in its implementation and daily use.

Efficient cost management with full support

Other factors were also decisive for the MyABCM system to be chosen as the ideal solution for ACM, out of other renowned software available in the market.

Among them, it is worth mentioning the fluid integration with the ERP used in the organization and its ability to add powerful and flexible cost and profitability analysis tools, capable of processing the robust volume of data coming from its operations.

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Meet another one of MyABCM’s great customers in Latin America! Arca Continental is a company that operates in the production, distribution, and sale of beverages under the brands owned by The Coca-Cola Company, as well as the snacks brand Bokados in Mexico, Inalecsa in Ecuador and Wise and Deep River in the United States.

The corporation has more than 96 years of history and is part of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in the world. With this, Arca Continental supplies the brand’s products to more than 125 million people in several Latin American countries.

The company’s challenges

In charge of manufacturing several brands and integrated with several other divisions, Arca Continental deals with a large and complex operation. Thus, the company needed a solution that could keep up with its production pace and aggregate information from multiple sources into a single platform.

The choice for the MyABCM solution was motivated by the system’s ability to handle a large volume of data and provide a detailed view of cost sources and profitability indexes for each brand in the company’s portfolio. Another determining factor was the smooth integration with ERP and other systems already in use at the organization, and the ability to perform multidimensional modeling and visualize how resources are actually consumed in day-to-day operations

Therefore, the investment in the system will support the decision-making process and create the basis for an assertive and profitable management.

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Meet another notable MyABCM customer today!

Corporación Maresa, an exponent in the Latin American automotive industry, relies on MyABCM solutions for its cost and profitability management.

The holding company, owner of a great reputation in Ecuador, currently owns 7 of the largest automotive brands in the country: RAM, Fiat, Jeep, Chery, Mazda, Dodge, and Dongfeng. Moreover, in its more than 42 years of history, the organization has become a reference when it comes to supporting social and environmental causes.

New challenges

It goes without saying that managing a business of these dimensions is highly complex. That is why Corporación Maresa came to us with great challenges.

The organization, which recently acquired the operations of Cinascar in Ecuador and Colombia – adding those brands to its portfolio, has become one of the largest companies in the automotive market. With this expansion, the need for a solution capable of comprehensively meeting its demands grew.

Managing the distribution of so many major brands and hiring hundreds of employees in its operations, the company felt the urgency for a tool to simplify the creation and implementation of financial modeling, as well as to perform cost and profitability analysis, from the most basic to the most advanced. All this in a system that could be quickly installed and that could create a productive and intelligent workflow with other software already in use.

The selected solution to support the company’s growth

To improve management flexibility and efficiency, Corporación Maresa chose to implement MyABCM. The solution was also chosen for allowing integration with any corporate system and for relying on Data Transformation Studio, a tool that, in addition to creating the connection with various ERPs, ensures the transformation, grouping, and classification of the source data on a visual platform, as well as its subsequent integration with the implemented model.

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