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In the dynamic landscape of education, innovative tools play a crucial role in enhancing teaching. In this article, we delve into the experience of Professor Laura Ghezzi, a Certified Public Accountant with a degree in Administration, who chose MyABCM to enrich her classes on Costing and Activity-Based Management.

MyABCM in Classrooms: A Natural Choice

Professor Laura Ghezzi shared with us why she chose MyABCM for her classes: “In the Costing and Activity-Based Management course, the professors were already familiar with the MyABCM tool from previous implementations in professional development and its previous academic use. This made it the first choice when thinking about a tool that demonstrates the application of the specific theme of the course.”

MyABCM’s Real-world Experience: An Enrichment for Students

One of the main contributions of MyABCM to Professor Ghezzi’s classes is its ability to provide students with a concrete view of the implementation of ABC costing in business practice. “Being able to observe firsthand how the ABC system is implemented in real life is very enriching for students. This allows them to have a concrete idea of its application and the possibilities for subsequent analysis based on the data loaded into the software.”

Tangible Support for the Teaching and Learning Process

When asked how MyABCM supports the teaching and learning process, the professor emphasizes: “In the course, we navigate directly through the tool in a case application in one of the classes. In another, we show the different tables and graphs obtained for the analysis of information for decision-making.”

MyABCM at the Forefront of Business Management Education

Professor Laura Ghezzi’s experience highlights MyABCM as an essential tool in her cost management teaching process. By providing a practical perspective on ABC costing, MyABCM not only enriches students’ learning but also offers a tangible approach to understanding and applying concepts.

Professor Ghezzi’s commitment to choosing a tool that not only meets academic needs but also has practical application in the professional world positions MyABCM at the forefront of business management education.