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Cost analysis in TOTVS is possible with the Protheus system, but it can still be challenging for companies using it in their management processes. There’s no doubt about the quality of the solution for operational routines, as the ERP performs various managerial functions with expertise. However, when it comes to strategic cost management, some limitations may become apparent as the difficulty in understanding the origin and impacts of costs has repercussions on organizational performance.

In this scenario, MyABCM is introduced as a solution specifically developed to optimize costing and enhance business profitability.

Protheus: Excellent ERP, but Limited for Cost Management

It is no coincidence that TOTVS is a market leader in ERPs with solutions like Protheus. However, despite the system’s quality, it is essential to understand that its cost management tools have a more accounting, statutory, and fiscal bias than a managerial one. While ERPs encompass resources such as technical data sheets, chart of accounts, inventory positions, sales volume, and production, the allocation of indirect costs (vital for the financial health of any organization) is overlooked.

Additionally, there are other blind spots when it comes to cost management in an ERP. What if we need to understand who are the best and worst customers from a profitability perspective and not just from revenue? What if we need to reduce the number of allocations to improve cost accuracy?

In these cases, companies have two options:

This is where we come in, to make the day-to-day life of FP&A, Cost, Controllership, and the financial area in general easier, with a powerful and efficient solution.

TOTVS + MyABCM: A Powerful Competition

Companies that already use TOTVS do not need to abandon it to improve cost management, nor resort to spreadsheets that become confusing and difficult to update. MyABCM is a powerful ally, capable of integrating with TOTVS and other systems used in the organization, creating a data ecosystem in which each software contributes its best features to optimize the company’s management.

In other words, MyABCM enhances cost management in TOTVS, offering a robust calculation engine, notable for being the only one on the market to manage cascade costs and reciprocal costs in all modules.

Advantages of Using MyABCM to Calculate Costs in TOTVS

Ready and Configurable Calculation Engine

MyABCM features a ready-to-use calculation engine that only needs to be configured for the company. This simplifies the implementation process and allows for quick adaptation to the specific needs of the business.

Flexible Model with Unlimited Modules and Dimensions

Offering unmatched flexibility, MyABCM allows for the construction of a model with an unlimited number of modules and dimensions, easily adapting to the complexity and diversity of businesses.

Native Traceability

MyABCM ensures traceability between all axes and allocations natively, eliminating the need for additional developments. This provides a clear and reliable view of the company’s financial health.

Efficient Reciprocal Allocations

By enabling reciprocal allocations between interdependent sectors, MyABCM offers an accurate view that is not possible when trying to analyze costs directly in TOTVS.

Advanced Simulation

With its advanced push and pull simulation capabilities, MyABCM enables the creation and exploration of various financial scenarios. This advanced feature surpasses the capabilities of Protheus, providing an understanding of the financial implications of different situations that the company may face.

Detailed Monitoring and Comparison of Costs

MyABCM allows for meticulous tracking of costs in different contexts. With it, the company can analyze and compare actual, budgeted, standard, and cost targets, to get a snapshot of the organization’s financial performance.

Uniting TOTVS and MyABCM for Strategic Cost Management

Cost management in TOTVS through the Protheus solution can reach new heights of efficiency and strategy when integrated with MyABCM. With unique functionalities specialized in cost and profitability management, MyABCM elevates financial management, providing better results for companies seeking a more advanced approach to cost management. Want to learn more about cost management in MyABCM and how to integrate it into your ERP?

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