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These days we know that employees make a great competitive difference for any business. That’s why one has to keep them engaged, informed and committed to the company’s results. Endomarketing plays a crucial role in this process.

Thinking of this, we’ve created this content for you. Keep reading to understand endomarketing, its advantages and how a company can apply it efficiently. Enjoy your reading!

What is endomarketing?

Marketing has always been synonymous with activities focused on end clients and seeking to engage buying decisions and loyalty. But this has changed, and it’s more and more common to see companies implementing marketing with an internal focus.

Endomarketing is the best example of this. In rough terms, it’s a group of marketing strategies that focus on a company’s internal environment, especially its employees. Its objective is to make people generate results.

Main associated advantages

A successful internal marketing strategy, as it is also known, benefits a company in a variety of ways on all levels and in all areas. In this way it’s possible to construct a solid and prosperous business that’s attractive to investors. Take a look at its advantages:

Endomarketing can be translated as activities that involve incentives (awards) or even activities that appreciate employees. An example of this is Fiat’s program. The company’s employees are always the first to take test drives of new models. It costs the company nothing, but it makes all the difference!

How can you implement this in your company?

It’s not always easy to create an endomarketing activity, and that’s why many people seek help from specialists in this area. However there are a few steps that can be taken to facilitate this process. Take a look:

  1. Know your employees

First, it’s important to know your company’s current employees. Try to understand their needs, talk with them and pay attention to their main complaints. This way you’ll be able to create a new creative activity that will offer real results for your organization.

  1. Define the main goals

Like everything in life, endomarketing strategy should be developed with a clear goal in mind. This way, it’ll be easier to channel creativity and achieve your objectives. Among the main goals we can highlight:

  1. Plan what you’re going to do

The third step is the moment when you structure the plan that will guide your entire strategy. To do this, you need to answer three main questions: what will be done? why will it be done? and how will it be done? Take a look at some tools you can use:

  1. Follow and measure the results

Finally, it’s important to follow the results you achieve. That’s why you need to establish a few key performance indicators. These indicators function like a thermometer, measuring an activity’s results. Here are a few main indicators:

By applying these tips, you’ll be able to design your internal marketing strategy and obtain great results, keeping your employees happy and motivated.

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