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Nowadays, the term “FinTech’s” is widely used. It refers to startups and companies that innovate and redesign the field of financial services with projects and plans entirely based on technology. The name is formed by joining the word “financial” with “technology”. In several countries, such as the United States, it is possible to find several enterprises related to this subject.


Through them, we are able to see major changes and innovations in the areas of processing and cash flow. Therefore, it is essential to learn about the revolutionary examples in order to extract ideas and know how they managed to stay in the market and achieve success.


We’ve prepared this article with 4 examples of international FinTech’s. Check it out!

1. Ant Financial

According to a study made by KPMG and H2 Ventures, Ant Financial is 1st place in a list containing 100 prominent FinTech’s in the world. This Chinese startup is valued at $150 billion, which is why it is considered the most valuable in the world. It is worth noting that it is controlled by Alibaba, and it focuses on offering payment methods.

The practice, through the technological resources used, allows the customer to make a payment simply by smiling, by facial recognition.

2. Square

Square was structured by Jack Dorsey, creator of the social network Twitter. This North American fintech is responsible for meeting demands regarding payment methods. Currently, the startup is valued at $ 5.1 billion and still has great growth and profitability potential in the short term.

3. Trussle

Aiming to innovate the sector of brokerage and mortgage services, the founders of Trussle developed a solid and very promising project. We know that negotiating mortgages with multiple lenders can be quite a daunting task.

In this regard, Trussle fulfills the role of finding the best option, in addition to monitoring the market situation at all times and signaling when an enterprise with a better strategy emerges.

4. Circle

Finally, we have “the new money formula”. The startup Circle is based on a payment platform where users can send and receive payments through apps. Some time ago, it raised $100 million, which made the fintech’s valuation soar by nearly $3 billion.

One of Circle’s intentions is to develop solutions to solve the problems of the crypto world, mainly in terms of instability. In addition, it is interested in making payments easier and changing the market’s relationship with these ways of managing money.

So, these were the main examples of successful international FinTech’s. You can see that these startups have the potential to completely revolutionize activities and services related to the financial sector.

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