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The ability to process and analyze data is one of the cornerstones for the growth of companies. But success doesn’t just depend on the availability of information. Strategy is also a deciding factor. And this is the advantage that we added with our new partnership.

This month, we consolidated a valuable alliance with SAP. The world leading company in ERPs and business management now offers to its clients a flexible and efficient solution for cost and profitability management: the MyABCM Connector for SAP HANA.

It promotes strategic decision-making by combining its analytical power with advanced tools for managing and controlling costs and profitability.

Learn more about the partnership between MyABCM and SAP below!

How will the integration be done?

The new MyABCM Connector for SAP HANA component is the key to the integration between the systems. It will allow SAP clients to access the features developed by our team to master their business finances.

The module will create an advanced planning and control environment, where users will be able to visualize and better understand their different cost sources. And most importantly, it will be possible to visualize, in real time, how they interact with the other areas of the business.

This means that the resources of both software can be used together, by consolidating and importing the information obtained between the platforms. Thus, with the MyABCM component, the SAP client will be able to develop a deeper understanding of how the costs impact the company’s management and how the different spheres of the organization relate and contribute to its profitability.

Learn about the technical features of the activation of the component:

Advantages for SAP clients

Our priority has always been to offer advanced solutions in cost and profitability management. And with this partnership, SAP clients will now be able to control the business’s resources in a module that is fully integrated with their ERP, combining several features.

The management solution seamlessly integrates with SAP HANA, allowing you to apply specific allocation criteria and business rules. As a result, the users benefit from dynamic management analyses, which are obtained from a system developed with the particularities of their business in mind.

Learn about the advantages of integration:

More details about the partnership here.

More information about MyABCM on the SAP website here

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