Cost Management
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Is it possible to manage costs efficiently in times of crisis?

Every businessman knows that controlling a company’s costs is important, however, when everything’s going well this fact can be forgotten, and often it’s remembered only when an economic recession comes – like the one we’re going through today.

When facing a crisis, two words should become more important: cost management. Find out more about this!

What is it?

Basically, cost management is rethinking your costs in terms of the products and services that your company offers. In a shoe factory, for example, this involves all the costs that go into producing the final product, the shoes.

Some businessmen believe that it’s important to cut costs in this case, but cutting costs without studying their effects can be dangerous. For example: a company decides to lay off temporary workers, but months later it won’t be able to accept a big order because it doesn’t have enough employees to do the job.

How should you manage costs?

The first step in managing costs efficiently is identifying waste. Think of your company as a residence. What advice would you give a housewife who’s complaining about her household budget, but always leaves her taps running?

To find out where your company is wasting resources, it’s important to monitor internal processes in order to perceive whether they’re being conducted in an efficient manner.

You could be losing sales because your salespeople aren’t providing the correct information, for example, which would demonstrate that there’s a problem with your hiring and/or training of employees.

Is reducing quality an option?

At times of economic crisis, people rethink their spending. Your customer may do the same thing and begin to use another less expensive brand to save money. However, the businessman should have a long-term vision and realize that crises come, but also go away. Thus, you need to analyze the risks that changing the quality of your product could pose for you in the future.

This doesn’t mean that a company can’t reevaluate supplier contracts, on the contrary! Moments of economic crisis require this approach. Your procurement process should prioritize the best supplier for the lowest cost.

Correct decisions

Some fundamental company decisions will be made quickly, which is why data related to purchasing and costs should be analyzed with precision.

Having this information in digital form is fundamental, but it’s no use having hundreds of spreadsheets that no one understands. This type of data storage and analysis only wastes your company’s time and money.

To implement good cost management means making the right decisions and, to do this, you need to have quality information always in the hands of the company’s leaders.

Companies of various sizes already use software to improve their business’s information management. These programs don’t just organize data, they analyze it, helping your company make better decisions.

Cost management isn’t something that needs to be done only in moments of crisis, but it’s at these times that it becomes essential. Why not start now? Discover our solutions at