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How to increase productivity: Check out 6 indispensable steps

Every company, regardless of size or industry, has one common goal: the desire to grow and consolidate itself in the market in which it operates. However, few can achieve this purpose. This is because knowing how to increase productivity without adding more expenses to the company is crucial to ensure your business’s success.

Cost reduction and increased productivity are factors that must be well aligned within an organization. To ensure the harmony between these two factors, it is necessary to adopt new management methods and rely on the help of technology.

With that in mind, we have prepared this article with 6 practices that will help you reduce expenses and increase productivity, as well as some tools you can implement in the management of your business. Read on to learn more about this topic!

1. Adopt cloud computing solutions

There is no doubt that technology is changing everything around us. This reality would be no different in business. Nowadays, spreadsheets, notebooks and equipment, such as servers and switches, have been making way for cloud computing solutions.

Cloud computing is intended to facilitate access to different information, and consequently, store this data in a more secure and practical way. Thus, there are many advantages of this resource, among which we can mention:

  • reduces infrastructure costs;
  • allows better use of space;
  • centralize information;
  • offers more convenience;
  • provides remote work.

By adopting cloud computing solutions, you are ensuring the safety of the company’s private information storage against loss and theft. In addition to these advantages, the system offers automatic server upgrade and support and backup services.

2. Automate the processes

Following the proposal to minimize manual work, process automation is an efficient way to provide more agility and better use of time, and above all, to reduce the chances of human failure, as well as to eliminate issues caused by lack of motivation and focus.

Therefore, analyze all the activities carried out in your company and check which ones can be automated. By doing so, you will be avoiding work overload, gaining more precision in the performance of tasks, reducing waste, and increasing productivity without affecting the quality.

3. Standardize processes

By automating the tasks carried out in the company, it becomes easier to standardize the processes performed. This has the advantage of contributing to the monitoring, control and management of these activities, making the identification of failures and points of improvement easier.

4. Make use of videoconferencing

Opting, whenever possible, for videoconferencing over business trips has been the choice of many entrepreneurs. This is because the reduction of expenses is quite visible, as it eliminates expenses related to food, airline tickets, lodging and transport.

Thus, monthly meetings, some negotiations with customers and suppliers, job interviews for other branches and employee training can all be done by videoconferencing.

In addition to saving money, you can make the most of your time, as a video conference can take a few hours, unlike a trip that lasts for days. This advantage allows you to expand your area of operation, as it facilitates serving more customers, regardless of the location.

5. Optimize logistics

If you are responsible for planning the company’s logistics, our tip is to create a planning based on smarter routes, in order to save on fuel and optimize the time spent on transport. To this end, it is worth using applications that will help you make shorter journeys and avoid traffic.

In addition to this tip, you can opt for a fleet management system that offers the advantage of economy with vehicle maintenance and inspection, as well as more durability. As for inventory, it is possible to apply the Cross-Docking method, which consists of sending the product to the customer as soon as it arrives, skipping the storage step.

6. Carry out good supplier management

Naturally, most of a company’s revenue is spent on service providers. Therefore, a good supplier management is essential to ensure cost reduction without affecting productivity. In this sense, seeking to renegotiate debt, extend deadlines and negotiate values are measures that provide more savings for your business.

Also look for suppliers that offer more attractive prices, but provide quality service. If your company has payments to be settled in installments, it is possible to pay them in advance to get discounts. In addition, it is worth analyzing the resources that are used and dispense with what is no longer used, in order to pay only for what is actually being used.

Use technology to your advantage

In addition to these tips that we mentioned, there is also the possibility of using technology to your advantage, as it has become an indispensable resource at this time. Thus, choosing management tools makes a big difference in your company’s results. For this reason, we have listed some options for you to apply to your business.


WordPress is a tool that aims to increase your sales without spending on advertising. As such, it is a web content management system that allows the creation of various contents. For this reason, it has been used by entrepreneurs from different fields that seek to enhance the company’s marketing by providing useful, relevant and free information.


Trello is an online tool designed to help managers optimize their workflow. To this end, the system uses the Kanban method, which allows the whole team to follow the progress of the activity.

T Sheets

This tool aims to help you account for expenses obtained from customers. In this case, the application allows you to monitor the sales process, recording the time that has been applied and, thus, providing important information for your business.

It is clear that, in order to obtain good results, it is essential that the manager knows how to increase the company’s productivity without adding more expenses. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to constantly look for alternatives that will help keep these two factors always aligned.

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