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IBP improves billing model and drives the development of banking technology solutions in Europe

BPCE is one of the largest banking groups in Europe. For this reason, it requires cutting-edge technological support, which is provided by Informatique Banque Populaire (IBP), one of the group’s affiliated entities. IBP’s role is to create innovative technology solutions that simplify banking processes.

In addition to developing information systems for the group’s member institutions, IBP’s experts are responsible for designing, testing, and launching IT applications across various business sectors, including consumer finance, trade promotion, leasing, and other related services.

Challenges in banking technology development

Managing the development of solutions in the banking industry, with its stringent requirements for security and usability, presents several challenges. In this context, IBP suffered from some difficulties associated with its billing model and a heavy reliance on Excel in its internal management activities.

Therefore, the institution sought a system that could meet these demands, optimize workflow, and fully automate the billing process.

The selection of MyABCM to adjust the billing model

Among the various options available, IBP selected MyABCM, based on its cost-effectiveness and the positive experience of BPCE in implementing the software.

Choosing MyABCM provided IBP with scalability beyond what Excel allowed. Additionally, it benefits from an optimized workflow on the platform that promotes user collaboration. Other significant benefits positively impacting the organization’s routine include scenario simulation, previously impossible with simple spreadsheets, and the ability of each operational department to analyze results confidently and reliably. Implementing MyABCM also enhanced data management security, reduced the risk of errors occurring, and increased team productivity.

Using specialized software for cost and profitability management, IBP now has a clear understanding of its costs and the impact of its business activities, linking cost sources to corresponding activities. The management team also values the increased control over refund and traceability resources, which are now acknowledged as valuable business assets, and experiences increased production capacity within the team.

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