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Betting on innovation in retail has become a popular strategy in recent years because of the exponential increase in competitiveness in the sector. This is due to, among other factors, a significant digital transformation process in society and the constant changes in consumer behavior.

To arouse the interest of the audience and stand out from the competition, it is necessary to invest in creative ideas, humanization of service, and all kinds of technological resources that can enhance the company’s results.

We’ve prepared this post for you to check out some of the greatest retail innovation trends for the years to come. Read the article to learn more about this topic!

Custom displays

Visual merchandising, or simply, window dressing, has always been a strategy widely adopted by retail. Composing attractive scenarios and highlighting short texts in display windows, aimed at activating mental triggers that arouse people’s attention, has always worked very well.

This concept is also being revamped with the wave of retail innovation and, to give it a touch of modernity, many companies have invested in the digitalization of display advertisements.

In this regard, the best-known tool is digital signage – a type of interactive screen on which it is possible to program the presentation of texts, images, product information and many other functionalities.

Optimization of the customer experience

With the growing wave of purchases and transactions carried out in the virtual environment, with the help of chatbots and all kinds of technological resources, much has been said about the importance of humanization of service and the strengthening of ties between the consumer and the companies.

The fact is that, nowadays, a customer is not just looking for a product. They want to have a complete consumption experience, in which every step is convenient for them, whether in a physical or virtual store.

Merchandising actions, event production, sensory marketing and UX design are just a few examples of consumer experience optimization tactics that have been innovating retail.

Geolocation in physical establishments

Current marketing campaigns already count on geolocation strategies, as this resource has proven to be very efficient in targeting the audience to be reached, for example, on social media ads.

The great news is that this tool can now also be applied in physical establishments. Retail companies can catalog their products at a large POS and provide consumers with an app, on which they can use a map to find the item they want to buy.

As you could see, retail innovation is already a reality in the modern market. Investing in the humanization of service, in the use of technology to streamline processes, and in actions aimed at providing a more pleasant consumer experience are just the beginning of a highly promising future ahead.

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